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Cotton Mermaid Leak Proof Reusable Menstrual Menstrual Pads

RM 26.90

All Our Mermaid's pad is made with Hemp and Organic Cotton blend topper. The core layer consists of 2 layers of Organic Bamboo Cotton fabric for S pads, and an additional layer of microfiber is added in the core layer for M, L and XL pads to increase absorption. A custom print PUL layer is then added to the back to prevent leakage.

All our pads are beautifully finished with top stitching. This process is labour intensive but it prolongs the lifespan of our pads.

Our pads are also designed with a generous allowance of 5%-10% more than the intended size, this is to provide allowance for shrinkage. Natural fibers like hemp, bamboo and cotton is known to shrink after washing.

Size S Length: 260 mm - Suitable to be used on light days/with a menstrual cup or as a pantyliner.
Size M Length: 315 mm - Suitable to be used on light-medium days.
Size L Length: 365 mm  - Suitable to be used on medium-heavy days.
Size XL Length: 400 mm - Suitable to be used on heavy days or as an overnight pad.
Starter Kit consists of S,M,L and XL pads, one each size.